Esthetic Education — With You

Where in the round in the words on for love you and me
We will go together deep in there you’re addressed be a cat with me
I will be the wolf, you’ll be a ship, I will run, next to you
We will take the guns in our hands, hunt for love in the wood

You’re wrong in your flowing
You’re move in your shifting
My crazy is bellow in with you, with you, with you are
I go in your shadow, I’m wrong in your shadow
Take you, or I will wrong for you, for you, for you are

Sitting with you in a heat café, holding hands it’s not much fun
We can look each other in the eyes, walk on street, but not much fun
I can go to your house or you to mine watch TV, not much fun
We can case on your Paris couch
Let’s go out, and do something wrong

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